(Pictured with “Lite” Air fed Paint Visor)

We have been supplying our own brand of Airless Pumps for industrial uses for many years now, exporting as far away as the Gulf, Russia, Nigeria and Hungary besides supplying users in the UK and Ireland.

Commonly used within the shipping, fabrication and petrochemical industries can be used to supply all types of finishes such as epoxy, marine paints, solvent less polyurethane and fire retardants.

Our pumps are designed to be rugged, reliable and be serviceable in the field, having simple maintenance, heavy duty chassis and solid rubber wheels. Parts are interchangeable with standard Graco fittings allowing the use of Graco Silver Guns, RAC or XHD tips, repair kits and so on.

We offer pumps in the follow ratios, both as bare pumps or full systems.

 Model  Warrior  Chieftain  Apache  Tomahawk
 Type  BL-451  BL-631  BL-681  BL-751
 Ratio  45-1  63-1  68-1  75-1
 Delivery  3 G.P.M  12.5 L.P.M  2.5 G.P.M 10 L.P.M  4.25 G.P.M 17 L.P.M  3.75 G.P.M 15.5 L.P.M
 Max pump speed  50 cyl P.M  50 cyl P.M  84 cyl P.M  84 cyl P.M
 Cycle per gal  16  20  20  21.6
 Cycle per litre  4  5  5  5.4
 Air-motor diameter  10in 254mm  10in 254mm  10.2in 260mm  10.2in 260mm
 Stroke  4.75in 120mm  4.75in 120mm  5in 127mm  5in 127mm
 Air inlet pressure  90 psi 6 bar  90 psi 6 bar  90 psi 6 bar  90 psi 6 bar
 Output pressure  4050 psi 280 bar  5370 psi 370 bar  5740 psi 396 bar  6500 psi 450 bar
 Air consumption  60 cfm   60 cfm   60 cfm   60 cfm 

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