Blast Accessories
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Remote Control

The remote control valve works in conjunction with the handle giving the operator complete control of the blast machine. The valve is capable of stopping, starting the machine up to 100 meters distance.


                                                                                                         Control Handle

The control handle or (dead-man's handle) controls the air signal to the remote control valve on the blast machine. This allows the blasting operation to be carried out by a single operative.

Pop-up Valve

Pop-up valves, stems and o-rings are always available from stock. They offer a safe way of sealing the blast machine during operation.


                                                                                                           Grit Valve

The grit metering valve comes in two sizes of 25 & 13 mm (1" & 1/2"). These valves are capable of handling all types of abrasive such as chilled iron, garnet, glass bead and aluminum oxide.

Sand Valve

Tried and tested the flat sand valve remains a popular method of grit metering with expendable abrasives. Available in 32 & 13 mm sizes         (1 1/4" & 1/2").

                                                                            Thompson Valve

The Thompson valve is a pneumatically operated grit valve eliminating the surge of media normally experienced with mechanical grit and sand valves.

Air Filters

Free standing breathing air filters offer a better way of providing the operative with clean air compared to the more traditional types of filters. The standard unit is a single operative unit with no regulation, however a maximum of two operatives with regulation is offered as an extra if required.



Illumination of the work being blasted is of paramount importance. A range of lighting is available such as blast hose attachment or halogen lamps.

Wet Blasting

Wet blasting is particularly useful in keeping the dust level down on exterior contract work. It also offers a softer abrasive action to some types of friable materials. Connected to the air system and supplied by hose with water, the unit is a inexpensive addition to your work capabilities.

                                                                                                 Water Separators

A Water separator is an essential item on a blast machine. It reduces the condensation of the compressed air from getting into the blast pot and into the operators helmet. Spare parts are available from stock.


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