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This abrasive is a naturally occurring mineral, 
free of silica and is used mainly for cleaning stone work and brick buildings as well as steel. The material is extremely good when used with wet blast applications as it does not leave any trace marks on the surface of the substrate as 
it is iron and silica free. This also makes it 
useful for cleaning  stainless steel. Olivine is supplied 50 kg paper bags on 1.25 tonne pallets which are then shrink wrapped.







                      COPPER SLAG

Used mainly for cleaning steel, it produces an excellent anchor/mechanical key whilst achieving a SA3 standard of cleanliness. The standard grain size is 0.15mm to 1.7 mm with a Moh hardness of 6 - 7 ensuring a fast and easy removal of rust, mill scale and paint. It is supplied in 50 kg paper bags on a 1.5 tonne pallet and shrink wrapped.


                     GLASS BEAD

Glass beads do not cut as conventional media, but burnish the material being cleaned. Made from soda lime and of a spherical shape , this media has a history of use in the manufacture armory where the need for minimum metal removal is essential. The material  now has many industrial uses where a cosmetic finish is required, such as glass etching and the food industry as the material is totally inert, it is supplied in 25 kg paper bags.

                  ALUMINIUM OXIDE

The material is generally used where a fast cutting action is required, also for compatibility with the substrate to be cleaned should grit entrapment occur. It is mainly used in hand blast cabinets and specialised wet blasting applications. 
Normally supplied as reclaimed material in 25 kg paper bags it can also supplied as virgin product depending on your requirements.


Garnet is a naturally occurring mineral which is very dense and much harder than other expendable abrasives. Because of this it can clean up to 50% faster and be recycled up to 4-6 times depending on site conditions. The material is extremely versatile and can be used in open nozzle machines, hand blast cabinets, blast rooms and on steel work, stone / brick buildings, aluminium and stainless steel. Because of its hardness of 7.5 Moh to 8.5 Moh, it is ideally suited for use in shipyards and the oil /gas sector. 
The material is currently specified by a number of international companies throughout the world because of its effectiveness in certain site conditions.


Sinterball is hard, tough, spherical aluminium oxide produced from selected natural minerals by a unique sintering process. unlike other aluminium oxide blast grits it has an exceptionally high impact strength so that when blasted onto a surface it has a high resistance to breakdown with very low generation of dust. It's particle weight is retained for a longer period leading to consistent finishes and a very long working life. 

This gives:-

Longer grit life - (up to 3 times longer)        An overall significant saving in blast cleaning costs
              A faster cutting action with less dust

It does not degrade in transit and as supplied is dust free. With Sinterball you can expect:-

A reduction in grit use of between 30% and up to 60%.  A faster turnaround of work, less
              downtime  for topping up and filter cleaning etc.  Better visibility during blasting.           

Sinterball contains no free iron or silica and can replace all types of aluminium oxide grit for cleaning, deburring and surface preparation for a broad range  pressure or suction blasting applications in metal and monumental masonry industries.

Sinterball produces a lower etch profile and a smoother surface than conventional aluminum abrasives. 
By maintaining it's weight over a longer  time, surface finish is consistent.

Sinterball also gives flexibility and the ability to vary the surface finish by varying the blast pressure. One grade can replace two or possibly three grades of conventional aluminium oxide grit.


Other blast media available:

Calcium Carbonate, Bicarbonate of Soda, Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Chilled Iron, Crushed Nut Organic material and Plastic Blast Pellets.

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