are able to supply RAC V, RAC X and XHD tips in single, multiple and bulk quantities, and do so world wide.

Whilst still available for CED and Industrial Units RAC V tips have now been replace by the new RAC X Tip system.

RAC Xs have a much better spread of applications that the old RAC V range, and are also improved in terms of atomisation and therefore finish quality.

RAC Xs are colour coded for ease of matching spec to use

GREEN- FFA Fine Finish
BLUE-PPA Professional Airless
BROWN-HDA Heavy Duty and Texture

NB-RAC X tips are not compatible with RAC V Tip Guards

This system is perfectly suited to meet the versatility of both the new and old ranges of GRACO, as it is to meet the needs of the rapidly growing plaster/texture spraying market.

Customers requiring bulk orders should contact us directly to discuss their needs

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