are the main UK Distributors for the Scorpion Blast Helmet, which has been our main and preferred helmet system for some years now. While many other units are available and supplied by ourselves we supply these other brands only to order as quality and price is too variable in the market place.

The Scorpion is approved to BSEN 14594:2005 Class4B, CE marked and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000, with a nominal protection factor of 500, and comes complete with a heavy duty cape, a regulator, belt and a set up visor pack.

The helmet is designed to be able to accommodate ear defenders within if desired, has a low flow warning if air pressure drops below minimum, an integral inner helmet for stability and offers and excellent wide angle of visibility not available with many other designs.

Air supply is via ¼” bsp thread inlet, with less than 80dBA air supply noise. Virtually all helmet parts are available as spares allowing indefinite use.

Apollo Helmet – Available primarily for export customers. Blastline are able to supply the established and recognised Apollo Blast Helmet, which needs no introduction in the market place.

Breathe Air Units & Filtration
BA Unit with regulator BA Unit without regulator

manufacture’s its own breathe air systems for use with any standard brand of Blast Helmet. These units incorporate disposable easy to change filters (either slotted or none slotted type), drain valve and are available both with and without air supply regulators. Our own units are designed for both ¼” bsp input and output, although input can easily be changed to match a claw type air line. These units are standard in the field, robust and of course economic compared to other designs. Please note as with the majority of BA filters these units do not remove Carbon Dioxide and must have regular filter changes to maintain air quality.

For more sophisticated air filtration 0 supply a Three Stage Filter System, consisting of a pre filter, and oil filter and a gas filter. This unit is capable of filtering in excess of 660 ltrs per minute, with easy change filters, and despite its light weight of 5Kg is tough, durable and resistant to chemicals.
An Inline Charcoal Filter is also available to connect to Scorpion regulators and Paint Spray Systems to improve air quality and comfort for the helmet users. These items are easy fit and disposable.

Air Conditioning
To improve the quality of the air supplied from the compressor, it is advised that an air blast after cooler is used, which will take out approximately 70% of the condensation as the result of compressing the air.
These can be supplied as an electrically driven unit for fixed installations or driven by an air motor enabling them to be completely portable and safe for use on oil and gas sites.
High Volume Moisture Separators

As an added protection for better quality air, high volume moisture separators are recommended. They also allow several blast machines or airless spray pumps to be supplied from one central point.
Air Horns

Used to move low velocity air using small volumes of high velocity air. They are ideally suited in moving hazardous vapours from areas such as storage tanks, pressure vessels used in refineries and process plants, ships holds, towers and inspection chambers. They can also be used to cool or dry in areas such as shipyards and manufacturing plants and for air movement situations. Using an AVH coupled to ducts, large amounts of air can be moved through long runs.
Sizes     3" AVH 3     8" AVH 8
4" AVH 4     9" AVH 9
6" AVH 6     10" AVH 10
Air Movers

This equipment can blow in and exhaust out air for many types of ventilation requirements. It can also be used for cooling and drying. Using compressed air as the turbine power these machines can deliver up to 11,000 cfm. Both of the Air Movers can be fitted with low or high pressure nozzles depending on the application. Constructed from aluminium makes the units lightweight and easy to move around any site or installation.
Sizes     20" AM20
30" AM30

Blast Visors

0 carry stock of a variety of visors to suit most helmets, including of course the Scorpion, the Apollo and the Warrior. Typically inner visors are available as single units, tabbed quick removal outer visors in 6 packs and the economic standard disposable visors in packs of 100. We can supply in singes or bulk for export orders depending on your needs.

Paint Spraying Visors
Crusader Type – A tight vision standard spraying visor suitable for all applications

Vista Type – A wide vision model, offering a 93% field of vision to the user. Weighs only 450g

Lite – An even lighter unit designed to allow the user to wear addition ear protection in harsh environments

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