High Pressure Water Pumps
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Small Power Washers

Sml Power Washers.JPG (19064 bytes)Cold water: Electric, Petrol and Diesel driven.

Supplied with trigger gun with double lance, 9 m high pressure hose, chemical injector, suction hose with strainer. Models PW23DLE and PW30DLE are electric start.

Optional Extras: Electric start, sand blasting kits, drain cleaning nozzle, rotojet (turbo nozzle).

High Pressure Water Jetting Pumps

HP Pumps.JPG (34878 bytes)High pressure water jetting units are either skid mounted or trailer mounted. Used as general jetters or as drain jetting units these machines can be manufactured to your specific requirements, including your corporate colours. 
The traditional plunger type pump is used in these machines which offers a long reliable working life. They are supplied with 300 of high pressure hose and manual or powered hose reel.
Dump guns and drain jets are extra and you need to specify your requirement. 


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