and   are the Trademarks of Blastline Limited, incorporated in the UK in 1982. Blastline Limited is a leader in the design and manufacture of Specialist Surface Preparation and Coatings Equipment for domestic and industrial purposes.

Originally established by Ray Naylor to manufacture high quality portable blast cleaning machines for the fabrication, petrochemical, shipbuilding, restoration and coatings sectors, we have a base built on successful foundations and many years in the industry.

Ray through the sales of robust durable products has established over the years a world wide network of Distributors from Kazakhstan, to the Gulf, Egypt, India and Eastern Europe, giving  global coverage. This also allows Blastline to call on a large number of professional and service technicians to help meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Additionally  are one of the few UK companies that are accredited to manufacture not just blast machines but actually fabricate the pressurised vessels that are the heart of all blast machines. This being originally established to allow us to move away from poor quality vessels that were outsourced. Vessels built without accreditation are simply unproved and therefore in our eyes neither safe nor acceptable.

Having been involved with the company since 1992 Darren Naylor controls our production, buying and all day to day operations as our General Manger. Darren’s previous involvement with development and blue chip Companies has allowed us to achieve significant growth into new ranges and markets in recent years.

Darren is also responsible for our relationship with Zurich, who approve all designs manufactured by , ensuring our commitment to quality, consistency and safety.

 is an equal opportunities employer, who in addition to employing several family members has a workforce of skilled fabricators and fitters from all age groups, and is proud as a Company to be able to display the CE mark and state “Made in the UK” on its products.

Ray Naylor
Managing Director
Darren Naylor
General Manager &
Operations Director