Blastline Portable Blast Machine CFM/Nozzle Guide

Blastline Ltd is an ISO 9001/2000 approved company FOR THE MANUFACTURE, FABRICATION, and TESTING OF BLAST MACHINES. All of our vessels are fabricated by coded welders and built to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

The size of nozzle used will depend on the volume of the compressor As the following chart shows.

60 psi70 psi80 psi90 psi100 psi
1/4" 6mm54 cfm60 cfm68 cfm74 cfm81 cfm
5/16" 8mm89 cfm101 cfm113 cfm126 cfm137 cfm
3/8" 9.5mm126 cfm143 cfm161 cfm173 cfm196 cfm
7/16" 11mm170 cfm190 cfm217 cfm240 cfm254 cfm
1/2" 13mm224 cfm252 cfm208 cfm309 cfm338 cfm

Source – British Compressed Air Society data


The physical size of abrasive particles also needs to be considered by the end user as too small a nozzle will result in blockages

CFM will also reduce at the point of the nozzle dependant on over extending the blast hose i.e. when hose is extended past 40 mtrs losses over 10% for each further length can occur dependant on site conditions.

Blastline only sell tungsten carbine nozzles of UK manufacture to ensure consistent quality and 500 hr lifespan of the nozzle, (excludes aluminium oxide abrasive).