Pressure Regulators

To increase the flexibility of an abrasive blast cleaning machine to most obvious addition is to fit the machine with a Pressure Regulator. This will allow the user to precisely reduce the pressure into the machine, and therefore the exit pressure of the abrasive. The end result is a much “softer” blasting of surfaces such as aluminium , plastic, wood or indeed thin steel panels such as car bodywork.

This regulation not only protects the original surface but also prevents damage from the force of air in the blasting process, with the additional benefit of reducing the chance of contamination between blast abrasive and the surface being cleaned.

The cost of these items is negligible against the loss of a damaged or destroyed surface that has been over blasted, or blasted too aggressively.

Regulators are typically fitted permanently If used with Blast Rooms or Cabinets
Or supplied with couplings so that they can be quickly installed and removed whilst on site in Portable applications. This also makes them less Susceptible to damage whilst the machine is in Transit.
These items are standard stock at Blastline either for installation or supply only

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