Special and custom builds


If you can state/illustrate exactly the specification you require we will happily quote you for construction of your own design, or variations around our standard vessel types. This is par the course of our normal production with customers who require additions or different ports , taller or shorter vessel bodies, handles, castor type front wheels, special static application, bespoke duckting to match existing recovery systems, additional brackets and so onů..

Equally if you require a finished product the end colour selection can be varied to suit the customer.

Naturally lead time will vary on all bespoke units that require major changes, particularly if this involves bespoke shells. Normally though we would recommend that customers match their needs to an existing vessel specification and then customise, therefore keeping lead times reasonable, and ensuring that the end vessel is ISO approved.

Customers requiring such products are asked to supply appropriate scale drawings to allow us to quote accurately, and to make sure that the customer receives exactly what the customer wants.