Spray Booths
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Dry filter booths.JPG (14664 bytes)Dry filter booths remove the over spray by drawing it through the filters sited at the rear of the booth. This type of filtration is suitable for use with most known industrial paint.
Dry Spray Booths.JPG (10339 bytes)The booths are of low cost and simple construction, ranging from the small booth illustrated up to 3 m wide as a standard size.
They are supplied in kit form for easy assembly and special build units are also available.

Waterwash Booths.JPG (10071 bytes)Water wash booths remove the paint over spray by drawing the material through a curtain of water. The water is re-circulated by the use of a centrifugal pump.
The fumes are then vented to the outside eliminating contaminating the atmosphere with hazardous dust.


Box Oven.JPG (8323 bytes)                                                                                Box Ovens

Constructed from galvanized steel the walls and doors are double skinned with cavity insulation. A full control box with temperature indicator, push button controls, Fan starter, safety systems ECT. All tested prior to being mounted. The booth comes fully assembled.

Low Bake Ovens.JPG (18851 bytes)Vehicle refinishing booths manufactured to an extremely high standard and offering spraying and stoving in one complete unit.
Comprising down draught air movement
ensuring vapours and solvents are never recycled, plus 3 air changes per minute and low fuel running costs.
No floor excavations are required as the booth has a 225mm high raised floor
complete with steel access ramp and dry floor filters incorporated within the booth.


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