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97.jpg (7832 bytes)BL4010 Vacuum recovery/recycling unit

A completely air operated machine making it safe to use on oil/gas sites in the petrochemical industry. Capable of a recovery rate of 4 tonne per hour by the use of two vacuum generators. Abrasives can be cleaned and recycled which is especially useful with the more expensive media such as Garnet. Because of its design the unit can be used to reclaim all types of abrasive. The unit can be fork lifted around the site and when in position the extendible legs can be positioned. Two 200It blast machines can be sited under the unit to be directly filled with the reclaimed media. The unit consists of a grit storage hopper and a dust extractor with 4 polyester cloth filter cartridges, these are cleaned automatically by the air operated dump valve.

The unit requires 750cfm @ 100 psi to run at a

maximum of 4 tonnes per hour recovery rate.

98.jpg (9815 bytes)Built with the contractor in mind the BL2005 is a robust machine designed to be used with 150 and 200 1t blast machines. It offers dust extraction and grit recovery by the use of a hand operated vacuum nozzle. Volumes and pressures required are 150 cfm at 100 psi.

The BL7116 is a complete Vacuum and blast unit.

99.jpg (10478 bytes)With a vacuum generator, blast vessel plus all connecting hoses up to a length of 10 m. It incorporates a special blast nozzle inside the work head and is suitable for use on sensitive sights where the control of blast dust is important.


Vacutrans.JPG (9718 bytes)The Vacutrans is an accessory to any good quality blast machine. It is a low cost lightweight tool and connects to the compressor to provide the suction that makes it unique. Used to convert a standard blast machine into a Vacuum blaster.

Mobil Dust Extractor.JPG (14711 bytes)The mobile dust extractor unit is especially useful within shipyards and or on remote sites, particularly where dust control is of paramount importance.



Vacuum recovery units offer a clean quick and efficient method of dust removal and media recovery. The units come in either electric or diesel configurations.

Constant discharge valve fitted to a cyclone hopper. Material is continuously collected and deposited into 1 ton bags, barrels or open topped vessel.

50 Series- 4"/ 6" Diesel

These machines are compact, extremely powerful and economical for its size. It can be transported by skip truck or trailer.



Units designed specifically to reduce labour costs arresting all materials thereby eliminating any double handling of the waste, they have a full 94.jpg (12677 bytes) capacity ensuring fewer emptying trips and less shut down time.95.jpg (12082 bytes)


The 85 series can cope with the most 96.jpg (13919 bytes)demanding situations. It can be transported by truck or trailer. The 5m3 payload skip is a heavy duty unit. It is specially reinforced to handle the power suction forces and material deposits generated by all the vacuum loaders. 
Features include high or low discharge doors and a side inspection door.


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