Wet Heads

As opposed to the purchase of a wet blast or a slurry machine the addition of a “wet head” to a standard dry blast machine is extremely cost effective. Quite simply they allow the introduction of water at the end of the blast hose with the benefit of reducing dust during the blasting process, although in many cases these units are used simply to aid washing off surfaces following blasting.

Blastline offer three types of wet heads.
External Wet Head This ring type device attaches to the end of a blast nozzle and with mains water supply sprays a circular water curtain around the actual abrasive vortex.
Intermediate Wet Head This unit attached to a standard blast hose nozzle holder, sitting between it and the actual nozzle. By this installation water is mixed with the abrasive before exiting the nozzle making the end result a slurry type blast. This unit is mains fed.
Wet Nozzle The most efficient unit we sell is a 500 hr tungsten carbide nozzle that mixes water within itself, again allowing for a more slurry type blast. This unit is also mains fed.

All variants are supplied with ball valve to control water flow (which must be turned off when not blasting so as not to allow water to travel up into the blast machine via the blast hose), and designed to connect via nut and tail to a ¼” line.

In operations when mains pressure is reduced or not available a simple air operated pump will need to be placed between the water feed line to the wet head and a tank or existing mains. Naturally the pressure requirement will vary with the actual location